FIRST WvW GuilD ACTIVITY(March 29, 2013)

First of all, I would like to thank Arturia for leading the Guild in WvW:)
This is the first time for the Guild to join a WvW activity and it was epic and fun:)

Before the WvW activity started, we gathered in Lions Arch
Then, the Guild went first to Isle of Janthir

(click the photos if u want to see it clearly)


Then after that we were beaten by a lot of enemies( this part was awesome and surprising)
I Love these Parts: (It was bloody red)



so I now know why Devona’s Rest is losing in WvW:P

Next was Etternal Battlegrounds (this part was also fun…a lot of different guilds were here)
In here, we were succesful in capturing a castle but it will be more fun for me if there was no lag at all:P (too much players were in here)




All in all, it was fun and awesome:)


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