PLayers were: Tomas Longbow, Genn Proudmoure, Obviously Midna, Jasper Mizzerey (Click the Pictures if u want to see it clearly:) (Pictures were taken by Torvan) nice, nice, nice:) Advertisements


IN the Plains of Ashord Jumping Puzzle: Players: Thorin Oakenbutt, Curseholy and Tomas Knightblade here are the pictures:) (If you want to see clearly the pictures, click on it:) I don’t know why is the monster posing like this:) and Tomas looks cool here lol:) and we also did another one in Queens:) Same players … Continue reading


PLAYERS WERE: Guardian Nis, Thorin Oakenbutt, Curseholy, Astral Midnight and Tomas Knightblade We had a very good team here:) I only died once and some of them too:) but idk I like dying hehe its fun when u see people die more often (jk) so here are the pictures: (click on the pictures if you … Continue reading

CM STORY DUNGEON Activity (March 28, 2013)

PLAYERS WERE: Astral Midnight, Tomas Longbow, Mizzerey, Lady Danyx and Curseholy:) CM story was fun but we died a lot (our first time here) (Click on the pictures if u want to see it clearly:) These parts were pretty intense:) I don’t know why ElEs always bend like that….and I wonder why is Lady and … Continue reading

GUIDES (helpful websites)

General Guides: Guide for New Players: Dungeons: Things to do when Your Lvl 80: Class Stats: Karma Gears at LvL 80: Recipes for Crafting Legendary: Dragon Timers: GuildWars 2 Emotes If you have any questions or u want to add other websites, feel free to comment … Continue reading